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Shenzhen double lens vehicle traveling data recorder blockbuster online!

by:Huihang     2020-04-05
Shenzhen double lens vehicle traveling data recorder is a can make at any time to master the vehicle driving condition of vehicle traveling data recorder software, at any time record of the scenery, let the user to provide more beautiful enjoyment, giving users a better driving experience. Shenzhen double lens vehicle traveling data recorder is a new, efficient and intelligent vehicle traveling data recorder device, it can be very convenient record every driving route around and convenient movement, can all record instant gratification. Shenzhen double lens vehicle traveling data recorder is introduced: a quick and efficient intelligent vehicle traveling data recorder, can be very clear record every running process in case of traffic accident, also can play back video at that time, the traffic situation and the speed. A function is very rich in the intelligent vehicle traveling data recorder. Shenzhen double lens vehicle traveling data recorder is used, can be achieved on a mobile phone at any time grasp the vehicle condition, record the scenery, let users enjoy the journey better mood! Shenzhen, shenzhen double vehicle traveling data recorder is a lens with dual lens vehicle traveling data recorder to use mobile phone software, let owners better set up the recorder, video can also convenient management, in order to give consumers a better driving experience, shenzhen double lens vehicle traveling data recorder in invested ten thousand ship 5 years at the same time, design a more intelligent way of awakening, light on or off only wave recorder screen. A wave of his hand bright! Again, the dark! It is very cool in the process of driving experience. Shenzhen double lens vehicle traveling data recorder software features: innovative design has no end, asked the little mirror with college leading technical support travel, super performance, 5 years technical details of whole achievement attitude reveals enterprise diligently shenzhen double lens vehicle traveling data recorder function: 1. A key navigation: automatic positioning starting location, enter the destination address a key navigation, voice broadcast, live traffic, automatic line planning, and other functions. 2. Driving record: powerful mobile vehicle traveling data recorder, supports real-time video recording hd drive, simple operation, for your travel security escort. 3. Road line trajectory: real-time record road line trajectory, easily realize real-time trajectory tracking, history inquiry, alarm functions such as geographic enclosures. 4. Illegal query: support more than 300 cities of the country's lawless query, accurate and reliable authentication code at least interference, local, long distance just want to check how to check. 5. Positioning: the position of the automatic positioning, positioning time, longitude, dimensions, detailed address, etc. Be clear at a glance. 6. GPS speed: by GPS to obtain real-time speed, in order to speed meter dynamic display, beautiful and practical. 7. The compass: very simple to use a compass, travel don't have to worry about can't find the lost direction. 8. Panorama: through input address at any time to consult the corresponding view of main domestic cities, very practical. 9. Intelligent gesture recognition, automatically activated car model. 10. Driving video, photos, GPS trajectory, circulation records, saving storage space. 11. Key video, convenient archive, the lock on the current and a record in a timely manner. 12. Important scenes, touch screen instant gratification. 13. Support background, GuanBing records, gestures, flexible switching. 14. Video and photos saved in: mobile storage/driveasy/video and picture. 15. If you want to uninstall, first to recorder in Settings/security/device manager to activate, under Settings/application after unloading. Shenzhen double lens vehicle traveling data recorder update: 1. Show the current video length. 2. Live traffic query optimization. 3. Using updated guidelines.
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