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Shenzhen vehicle traveling data recorder

by:Huihang     2020-04-04
Shenzhen vehicle traveling data recorder scheme is fit - great mobile phones used by new vehicle traveling data recorder software, in March of 2018 - launched two smart car products. Shenzhen vehicle traveling data recorder scheme without complex operation, simply open, can perfect record the whole driving process, perfect to prevent the delinquents racketeer behavior! Shenzhen vehicle traveling data recorder solution features: software by inserting vehicle odb interface can achieve real-time display speed, fuel consumption, engine load at that time, the oil temperature, such as data, and perfect show hair motor load, battery voltage, coolant temperature and fuel level, etc. , let the user more clearly understand the vehicles! Shenzhen vehicle traveling data recorder scheme of image and sound, can record the driving for racketeer proven itself, as evidence of dealing with the traffic accident scene, to protect their rights against infringement. Through the Wi - Fi connect mobile phone, can conveniently view and manage internal video recorder; The bluetooth button to capture a key, when driving fast and convenient; Can be taken photos or video to share, to express their views. Appearance, modelling is fairly new, shenzhen vehicle traveling data recorder scheme design inspiration comes from large aircraft engine, using glass fiber + PC composite material manufacture process, which are not afraid of sun, sun don't explode, and formaldehyde-free pollution. Specifications, shenzhen MTK solution vehicle traveling data recorder scheme was adopted, the memory capacity of 2 gb, equipped with the G Sensor collision sensors and GPS chip, support Wi - at the same time Fi + bluetooth, high 128 gb Micro SD card extension. Software and quick dialing function, make you more easily! What, also want to come and experience the professional recorder! Professional multi-function recorder, you're worth it! Imaging system, vehicle traveling data recorder scheme 1 s in shenzhen is equipped with a 4000000 megapixel camera ( 160 - degree wide Angle + F1. 8 the aperture) , 6 piece of glass lenses is + 1 layer of infrared filter, high support 2304 x1296 30 FPS video recording, 1080 p is still 30 FPS, however, does not support the 60 FPS, only in 720 p to achieve 60 FPS.
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