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Smart rearview mirror necessary function

by:Huihang     2020-04-25
Necessary powerful intelligent rearview mirror: support driving speed, fuel consumption, engine load, engine oil temperature and other practical work shows. And the on-board computer connection, can display the motor load, battery voltage, coolant temperature and fuel level data, such as speed dial support both speeding alerts and emergency function is very professional. Accidentally collision by others to your car, the inside of the vehicle traveling data recorder emergency video recording function, provides strong evidence for you, no longer too meet crash the party. Smart rearview mirror for player functions: a necessary function, intelligent rearview mirror is a multi-function on-board navigation of intelligent vehicle traveling data recorder, it can automatically detect the brakes and collision, and support recycling video, the background and can be used before the cameras, support unlimited upload all records, was very surprised. Second, intelligent rearview mirror necessary function to automatic monitoring of the brake and collision, cycle to store video, automatic save event ( The brakes and the accident) To the cloud server. Three, smart rearview mirror essential feature is a useful vehicle traveling data recorder player software, the most current vehicle traveling data recorder to record the video format is supported by the player, intelligent rearview mirror necessary function can be used to broadcast footage of vehicle traveling data recorder video player. Four, have GPS records of vehicle traveling data recorder, can automatically track shows on the map. Baidu, Google has coordinates deviation problem, the open street map is normal; Can automatically close period of video is divided into a set of automatically, play continuously. Five, there are some other functions, such as extracting key frame downsizing video, please make your own research. Six, intelligent rearview mirror necessary function can display speed, oil temperature, coolant temperature, fuel level, and other data, also has the emergency video recording function is very powerful! Seven, intelligent rearview mirror for video player functions: 1, the accelerometer function of accelerometer function is very useful in the case of emergency, can provide strong evidence for relevant personage. 2, map display 3, information carefully check 4, flip video intelligent rearview mirror necessary function player features: 1, simple interface function is all ready, suitable for video broadcast traffic. 2, support SD card setting function, let you manage your SD card is more simple. 3, support the traffic video Angle adjustment function, let you watch the video easily. 4, support the map function, let you clearly understand the position of driving. Intelligent rearview mirror features a dedicated player to use: 1, download player compression decompression intelligent rearview mirror for package. 2, double-click to open the software (ADR), find the lower left corner, the third film archive button, click. 3, choose the path you want to store, choose the vehicle traveling data recorder file need to play with respect to OK. 4, play can select start time and end time. 5, you can also export video. Intelligent rearview mirror necessary function is a special broadcast video of vehicle traveling data recorder SD card video player software. Smart rearview mirror necessary function player is different from ordinary player, it supports rapid display, easily decoded, at the same time it also can quick format SD card.
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