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Smart rearview mirror vehicle traveling data recorder

by:Huihang     2020-04-19
Want to be a powerful intelligent rearview mirror vehicle traveling data recorder? Now intelligent rearview mirror vehicle traveling data recorder sells on the market price is in one thousand yuan of above, or that performance is too low, poor video resolution. It's different now, you only need a dispatch weiye hd resolution ( 1920 x1080 - iPhone 4S,1280x720- iPhone 4) Rich, powerful functions, configuration of intelligent rearview mirror vehicle traveling data recorder, the software is not only a smart rearview mirror vehicle traveling data recorder is also tour the best travel track record software, you can record your vehicle trajectory and then share with your friends, but friends never leave home can experience the fun of your travel. 1. The video record 1 of driving. 1 in the video recording time, GPS, speed, acceleration and other information, let you record the most abundant, the most powerful. 1. 2 follow set the resolution. According to your requirements set the resolution, 1920 x1080 - iPhone 4S, 1280x720- The iPhone 4, 640 x480 or lower IPhone 3 s iPod, etc. , and even the iPhone and iPod Touch 3, also can be used. 1. 3 taking pictures at any time. Video recording process can also be taken photos, make all the beauty and all accident record. 1. 4 mute recording. Don't want to get their friends and chat record in the car? Of course no problem, open mute recorded, there was no voice to protect privacy. 1. Section 5 recording. You can set the length of the video for 1 minute each, 5 or 10 minutes is the best choice. 1. 6 close the screen. To save power consumption, you can always close the screen to save power. 1. To telephone also need not worry, saving the video recording file automatically, after the call to start video recording automatically. 2. Taking photographs 2. 1 in the process of video recording automatically every once in a while shooting a picture. 2. 2 pictures contain dynamic information, so time, GPS, speed, acceleration a lot. 2. 3 manually, you can also manually a shot, don't let any one miss beauty and accident. 2. 4 induction filming, intense vibration occurs when the software detected vehicle, such as emergency braking, emergency actions such as action, automatically continuous shooting photos, don't let any one accident. 2. 5 to 10 seconds. For 20 seconds or 30 seconds, you can set up automatic photograph intervals. 3. Record the track 3. 1 video recording trajectory can be recorded at the same time, at the same time will be to identify the location of each video in the track, but your browsing easier. 3. 2 don't want to record video, just want to record track? No problem, you can track records of. 4. Trajectory through 4. 1 browsing so you track, car, from there to end there. Everything is like the palm of his hand. 4. 2 share trajectory. Share your path to your relatives, friends, let you envy, jealous of hate.
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