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Speed vehicle traveling data recorder

by:Huihang     2020-04-05
The speed of vehicle traveling data recorder using the mobile device within the key shows your moving at a speed of GPS system, and the average speed. And according to your direction, the total distance, travel time, and other functions. Whether it is driving a car, running, walking, or ride a bike, speed of vehicle traveling data recorder can record your position and speed, and provide a variety of innovative view shows. Speed vehicle traveling data recorder's brief introduction: speed vehicle traveling data recorder provides: higher on the basis of the GPS speed table its accuracy is often beyond the general automobile speedometer. Multiple choice view - - - - - - From five ( Pro 7) Choose different themes, including our specially designed compass view. Looked up and display mode - - - - - - - When you put the phone on the dashboard in front of the windshield, when your view will be reflected in your windshield. This function is suitable for use at night. The traveling speed and distance information - - - - - - Speech shows your current speed and/or distance. The speed limit alarm - - - - - - - Three speed alarm can be set. When you more than the preset speed, speed vehicle traveling data recorder will inform you. Detailed route and data summary report - A detailed record of your travel itinerary and speed. Unit system - - - - - - - Can choose km, miles, nautical miles. Accelerated test - Support 0 to 60 MPH, and 0 to a quarter of a mile time test. Can also set the speed and distance test. - store your current location information - - - - - - Travel can be stopped or in storage and retrieval of your current position ( Only apply to the professional edition, the free version) two weeks probation 。 Google navigation display - speed - - - - - - When using Google navigation display your speed. Import and export data - - - - - - - Can store data on the SD card, or loading the data from the SD card. GPX trajectory - derived - - - - - - Through e - Mail to export your stored route ( GPX format) 。 Multiple languages - - - - - - - Currently supports English, traditional Chinese, simplified Chinese. * measurement accuracy depends on the hardware of mobile devices, weather conditions, obstacles, satellite visibility, etc. Pro no advertising - - - - - - - We warmly welcome your opinions or Suggestions. You can telephone contact us. Speed vehicle traveling data recorder is a 3 g / 4 g speed measuring vehicle traveling data recorder for the application of remote control, executable WeChat, view the fast pass (vehicle trajectory, And do not produce traffic) , etc. With speed speed vehicle traveling data recorder features: as a vehicle traveling data recorder rearview mirror interactive phone APP, can real time to provide customers with convenient and remote operation. Speed vehicle traveling data recorder have become an indispensable tool for motorists: charge, free, foreign and domestic. 。 。 But really suit motorists to use high-quality goods is rare. Our speed vehicle traveling data recorder for android system for remote control. As long as you are a 3 g4g speed vehicle traveling data recorder, you can use our software, our software is so powerful that other people can do all we can do, we can do that others can't do. We can have a perfect control of speed measuring vehicle traveling data recorder, anytime, anywhere. We have a lot of function, if not you need to do? It doesn't matter! Immediately and we feedback, what do you want we can do, what function with this function directly we again online.
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