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Streaming media rearview mirror scheme

by:Huihang     2020-04-07
Small make up to you to collect a versatile streaming rearview mirror of the scheme, the streaming media rearview mirror support to store, delete, screenshots and a series of functions, support Chinese, simple interface, easy to use, in order to facilitate everyone to use, small make up to you finishing the rearview mirror scheme of streaming media characteristic, function, usage, etc, welcome to reference. Streaming rearview mirror scheme of intelligent rearview mirror can do surveillance cameras, can be turned into a makeshift video monitor, intelligent vehicle traveling data recorder is very practical. Streaming rearview mirror characteristics: 1, not only can complete screenshots, storage and delete some simple operation, can also provide 2 driving real-time position, velocity, latitude and longitude and direction information 3, streaming media rearview mirror surface in the business design more simple and clear 4 5, streaming media rearview mirror dealer support Chinese menu, support the M - all major suppliers JPEG IP camera/encoder/DVRs, and network camera 6, support up to 16 cameras ( At the same time shows four cameras) 7, multiple camera layout of 8, 9 sequential pattern, a key via email to share camera 10, camera import/export to the SD card or service Dropbox 11, control the pan/tilt/zoom camera 12, 13, 14 snapshot to the SD card, digital zoom through third-party Worldscope included 15, no camera limit access to thousands of cameras ( At the same time display 16 cameras) 16, loop video to SD/FTP/Dropbox17, audio support ( Only supports the model) 18, Internet search web camera with WiFi / 19, eight additional camera layout 20, SSL support ( The HTTPS protocol) 21, support the photographer in the head motion detecting ( Specific model support) 22, priority developer support streaming rearview mirror function: 1, the streaming media rearview mirror solution business support for camera, you can from the video recorder on picture 2, streaming media rearview mirror scheme can turn your video on the computer to see 3, the streaming media rearview mirror is broadcast vehicle traveling data recorder 4, streaming media video rearview mirror scheme, software can be from the vehicle traveling data recorder hard disk video files will be output to the PC to see 5 synchronization, real-time map, when you need to use a map, you can click on the video map shows in software 6, streaming media in the rearview mirror can see 7, streaming media in the car rearview mirror solutions business is a special broadcast video of vehicle traveling data recorder SD card video player software. 8, streaming media rearview mirror solution player is different from ordinary player, it supports rapid display, easily decoded, at the same time it also can quick format SD card. 9, streaming media rearview mirror solution business interface annotation figure 10, streaming media rearview mirror plan flow media rearview mirror, method of use: 1, streaming the rearview mirror, installed 2, the follow-up to play save the image in the TF card, select the playback of the video you want 3, you can also playback - streaming media rearview mirror GPS trajectory scheme dealer Da weiye streaming rearview mirror the function is perfect, map display, support the picture control support, support GPS analysis, is the preferred scheme of intelligent broadcast driving record company, is interested in the intelligent vehicle traveling data recorder's friends don't miss oh.
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