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Streaming media rearview mirror technology provider

by:Huihang     2020-04-07
Streaming rearview mirror technology provider is a GPS vehicle monitoring management platform of the client, the main functions are: to check the vehicle list, cycling track, car monitor, track playback, reverse address query, through different ICONS show different vehicle state, etc. Your car is a personal butler, check the vehicle position and trajectory, ensure the safety of the car for unlimited smart car life. Streaming rearview mirror technology providers introduced: streaming media rearview mirror technology provider provides the owner user driving position navigation, path query, vehicle driving condition query, and other functions. Real time control of the car running track, let you don't have to worry about car stolen! Streaming media rearview mirror technology provider support Wi - Fi direct full 1080 p hd vehicle traveling data recorder for preview and take photos, video downloaded to the local broadcast operations such as picture. Our product adopts high performance chip, to provide high definition video, dynamic images seamless. Through the European CE, American FCC certification, strict support FHD1080P real full hd video. Please read this manual carefully before using and keep, we hope that our products can meet your needs and long-term service to you! Streaming rearview mirror technology providers, including the function: mobile management route, through the system wifi can download vehicle traveling data recorder hd video, zero flow is audi's special vehicle traveling data recorder, built-in dark state enhancement processing technology, super night vision effect of recording, the absolute of the industry's most professional recorder products, through the Wi - Fi realize mobile browsing, download, set control and share. Can view the Full HD 1080 p high-definition video. Streaming media rearview mirror technology provider functions: 1. The fence is set 2. Online 3 set parameters. According to vehicle state 4. Query 5 vehicles address. Historical trajectory playback 6 vehicles. Check the vehicle list, cycling, Many cars) Monitor the 1. Support wireless to preview video recorder, photograph, 2 file download. Support to watch 3 recorder photographs and video. Adjust the 4 allows you to set all parameters of the recorder. Open vehicle traveling data recorder, recorder WIFI5 phone connection. Support to store photos and video recorder downloaded to mobile phones to watch streaming rearview mirror technology provider characteristics: 1, motion detecting function open, static images not write a card, smart save video 2, effective system support 32 gb Micro SD card 3, through equipment WIFI, high-definition video can be downloaded 0 traffic data recorder, convenient and quick transmission to the smartphone or unit 4, reasonable system power logic design, and the original car open shutdown synchronization, no batteries 5, built-in wi-fi communication module, can be video by mobile phone to view, download, share 6, 1920 x 1080 p / 30 FPS full hd video footage and clear images, as hd, day and night. Streaming media rearview mirror technology providers have developed a vehicle traveling data recorder to record the application, the user can view detailed video video here, you can look at history trajectory and real time photos, can also be the recorder hardware parameter setting and adjustment, favorite friend contact with experience!
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