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Streaming media smart cloud mirror

by:Huihang     2020-04-06
Streaming media smart cloud mirror set navigation, driving records, after reversing visual and other functions in one, the equivalent of the smartphone. On the market of smart cloud mirror is also full of beautiful things in eyes. For after loading machine, many owners have all sorts of questions still exist, broken line installation, some problems of the original car party control. Some brand models after loading machine is part of the communication protocol, and can realize the original car, according to data also do not need to break the line installation, no damage to vehicles, give you recommend below a smart rearview mirror. Da - great streaming intelligent cloud mirror for Volkswagen, Toyota, Honda, buick cars, such as multiple models, its built-in DSP audio processing chip, support condition quality, variety of stereo sound as adjustable. DSP audio processing chip, the android 4. 2 operating system streaming media smart built-in high-pass eight core CPU, cloud mirror with 2 gb of RAM memory and 32 gb flash memory, fuselage guarantee machine operation speed, stable operation; Machine is equipped with 4 g module, can implement online navigation, high-speed networking online services such as the weather broadcast; In the aspect of wireless transmission, as high intelligent cloud mirror support 2. 4 g / 5 g dual-band WIFI, WIFI and bluetooth. 0, but with electronic devices such as mobile phone, pad smart + connected. Global navigation, voice control, double recorded before and after, 64 g cloud mirror has eight big store streaming media intelligence. 8 inch high-definition screen, on the vision through limited mirror get more comfortable, 50 process meticulously highlights white lens, imaging effect is much closer to the original car rearview mirror. Voice control all the way, don't need to wake up, to navigation, music, etc. Parking monitoring, network television, voice acoustic curtains on media smart cloud mirror as the new on the market, become the owners to rush of automobile electronic products. Da - great intelligent cloud mirror is made of high micro single lens, F1. 4 large aperture. A short period of time for more information. Under the condition of the weak light of limited increase in quantity of light exposure combination, so as to achieve better full glass lens hd experience combined with 6 layer. Forward-looking after 170 °, 140 °, wide coverage, driving more secure. Da - great intelligent cloud mirror is made of gold car mirror custom version of depth map, navigation, automatic updates, live traffic, timely report from early congestion, dual-mode GPS + beidou satellite positioning, let you fast one step. Also adopted the intelligent voice interaction system. Da - great streaming intelligent cloud mirror with hd picture 30 frames per second, film level fluency, starlight night vision, strong inhibition. Even at night can easily observe the rear. When you need to watch rear view, only need to open voice, don't need to start work. Let the appearance of the rearview mirror back to original. Support the original car agreement, vehicle stream media is available cloud mirror supports a variety of models of the original agreement, no crack, system operation is more stable and reliable. Through the original car adapter, user can understand the air conditioning, oil amount, range, water temperature, battery power, lights, and other information, the original car radar, party control, instrumentation, the information with high intelligence such as car machine to realize information exchange, let you knew all about cars. High cloud mirror with Scott map navigation with streaming media intelligence to support multiple map navigation streaming intelligent cloud mirror built-in gold car machine edition, had certain vehicle optimization, but if you are not accustomed to, also supports common baidu on market, such as navione map navigation app. The package also includes machine car rear view cameras, support after reversing the visual function, daytime footage is exquisite, have LED lights fill the night light, 170 ° wide-angle eliminate reverse corner, scale back auxiliary line greatly enhance the security. In addition to news media streaming intelligent cloud mirror support baidu Carlife, with mobile Internet. Various navigation modes support baidu Carlife streaming intelligent cloud mirror support the original car information display ( Support only with agreement models) , including information such as fuel consumption, maintenance, cars, visible up to no less effort on the communication protocol, it is also a big manufacturer unique level. In addition, for smart car machine, E - also has a reverse image Link, double screen interactive, global voice control, bluetooth phone function, can also be equipped with vehicle traveling data recorder, the seamless connection with car machine. In terms of mobile connectivity, of intelligent support baidu Carlife cloud mirror, very practical. Cloud reflection function of streaming media intelligence mirror when quenched screen navigation support at the side of the screen display the navigation route, rear view navigation. Always keep navigation volume first, ensure that won't miss important navigation tips. Easy to cover three lanes of traffic, in the event of accident, recorder in perception vibrations automatically after open emergency video recording, automatic storage of evidence is not covered by cycle. 1080 p front-facing camera, 720 p rear lens. After the big wide-angle lens 140 before, 150 large wide-angle lens. For dispatch of streaming media intelligence back open automatically when reverse cloud mirror images, support the reversing switch reversing image, refused to the harm of visual blind area, make parking easier to trust. 360 OS for car car machine guards, let security upgrade.
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