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The application and development of artificial intelligence which will happen earth-shaking changes

by:Huihang     2020-05-12
As disruptive and innovative digital technology to promote the enterprise in quickly adapt to rapidly changing consumer market, has already reached the height of the new era of big data. Large data capacity and agility, if combined with the size of the artificial intelligence, can help industry solutions, artificial intelligence to understand the changing of consumer behavior and preferences, business intelligence, and provide valuable insight when making enterprise strategy. Big data and the combination of artificial intelligence is the most important to the development of global business, it will make them see the opportunity has not yet been proven. In addition, big data is important also reflected in the speed and quantity of digital technology and equipment to create data, the source of the enterprise to obtain real-time information and quantity more than any time before. Artificial intelligence (AI) as artificial intelligence (AI) of more than 2017 industry solutions, power, will get a boost in 2018 its market scale, this paper summarizes the 2018 possible developing direction and trend of artificial intelligence AI integration of mobile and Web applications in the next few years, the application and all or part of the digital platform will be automated user experience, the AI will play a central role in it. Artificial intelligence scheme, drive technology of artificial intelligence, such as machine learning and deep learning can help developers to design intelligent application, processing a large amount of data, and through the analysis to generate real-time prediction. Artificial intelligence will change the global Labour force the development of artificial intelligence brought extensive changes to the whole world, the impact on human work is the most direct questions. ” Artificial intelligence will make human certain functions become redundant & quot; , that is not correct. On the contrary, the real application of artificial intelligence will create more roles, such as data scientists, UI/UX developers, AI/ML developers, cloud engineers and so on. Gartner recently released a report pointed out that artificial intelligence would create 2. 3 million available jobs, therefore, with the passage of time, the artificial intelligence will be more positive for labor, and provide more training opportunities for individuals, enabling them to explore employment opportunities in the fast-growing digital domain. AI and cloud computing (in addition to the analysis of traditional format Such as text, images and video) The available data, the emergence of the Internet of things, make we have from the interconnection device analyzes the technical requirements of unstructured data. High speed data creation and rich program can help develop highly advanced machine learning model. Forrester predicts that in 2018, the artificial intelligence solution business enterprise will be public clouds are used more and more preferential policies, in order to realize the large data analysis and artificial intelligence, better control of organizational processes, reduce costs, and ensure better than local software flexibility. Cloud implementation has become more and more popular, in addition to hosting the advantage of all data on single sample, also reduced the cost of technology. Chatbots rise of billions of bytes of data every second era, human assistant is unable to keep up with the tide of information. So the enterprises to actively create and deploy the bot, via digital channels to provide customers with real-time support, make life easier for consumers, and through an automated process to help enterprises to enhance customer service. Google, Facebook, Apple and Amazon and other technology giants has deployed bot, mainly to interact with customers. Cognitive technology intelligent machines and machine learning more and more able to learn from the data of the human-computer interaction behavior. Machine learning algorithms can be obtained from the structured and unstructured data a large number of valuable insights. These data in text, voice, image, video, can be in the form of body language and facial expression by analyzing the activities and behavior of consumers in the digital platform, and help enterprises to provide tailored solutions for each of the consumers. As a result, the cognitive technology for medical, financial, tourist or online game industry has a great influence. Machine learning for fraud detection, voice analysis, forecast and control customer churn or generate real-time targeted advertising offers a variety of solutions, to change the operation ways of enterprise online or digital ecosystem. By 2018, machine learning will become a more intelligent and fast tool, artificial intelligence solutions business enterprise can be more powerful prediction analysis algorithm to make strategic decisions, so as to realize demand fluctuations in demand forecasting and management. The next year, artificial intelligence will be intensified. Artificial intelligence driver tool application and its advantages in promoting excellence in business will help to create related industries, enterprises and the process. In addition, the emotion recognition, virtual reality, self-service platform and session interface will fundamentally change the artificial intelligence and other new development scheme business enterprises in an increasingly digital world and hyperlinks in the works.
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