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The intelligent vehicle traveling data recorder function development

by:Huihang     2020-04-16
Intelligent vehicle traveling data recorder is designed for the functional development car building intelligent navigation software, a new interface design, engine, and the new algorithm is more simple operation, bring you more comfortable scene experience, will record all of your travel memory. Intelligent vehicle traveling data recorder function is a new development route record application smart rearview mirror, it can be very convenient to record all kinds of traffic emergency, also can timely understand all kinds of driving path, can find a variety of convenient and intuitive information. Intelligent vehicle traveling data recorder function development official is introduced: a very handy intelligent recorder intelligent rearview mirror, it can be very convenient record driving conditions, and can also limit the fastest for you to find all kinds of driving path, is a complete intelligent driving records. A high quality of the intelligent vehicle traveling data recorder application tools, it can be very convenient to see various driving conditions, also can provide users with all kinds of convenient transport, more directly to preview all kinds of effective information. Intelligent rearview mirror, a vehicle traveling data recorder for users to create a driving record function, convenient user through intelligent rearview mirror real-time record traffic situation, drive provides the convenience for the user. A specifically for an efficient vehicle traveling data recorder intelligent adapter application smart rearview mirror, can realize the remote control, anytime and anywhere can synchronize data directly on a mobile phone for all aspects of the information view, more directly to preview all kinds of information. Development of the intelligent vehicle traveling data recorder function features: 【 Car life 】 : built-in sharing community, to share and view in the process of juyou driving record video and photos. 【 Recorder. : smart rearview mirror via WiFi connection can be carried out after the control of intelligent rearview mirror. For example, to adjust the backlight and volume, send voice commands, preview the camera images, etc. In the preview screen also can fast forward, fast back, left and right sides is sliding back to record video, at the same time, it can be smart rearview mirror on the photo and video downloaded to mobile phones. 【 Mobile phone file 】 : a list of photos and video has been downloaded, can view, delete, edit, share, and so on. Play the video support synchronous display the trajectory. 【 I 】 : login offers a variety of ways, login successfully and bind the intelligent rearview mirror, a variety of ways, such as by including text messages send request, people can receive the start of the intelligent rearview mirror, automatic collision warning notice, can track back to see, and issued the booking navigation request such functions as a key: new newcomer, navigation is not familiar with? Find the destination, in advance, or position to share with friends, you just need to give orders, customer service to help you to complete all. Live traffic: traffic jam? Avoid it! Careful, objective traffic alert and match your driving route, real-time update, keep you away from unhappy. Screen connected, give a person the way? Vehicle management, synchronization interconnection equipment, also can directly to the route to ta, let you become the great god. K cloud synchronization: address book gone? Save it, every place you have been to, each place have you ever seen scenery, cloud storage, keep the memory of your visit. Intersection amplification figure: worry miss the complex intersection? According to the real road intersection of compilation enlarge figure, with navigation voice, let you no longer miss.
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