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The intelligent vehicle traveling data recorder this time really fire!

by:Huihang     2020-04-13
In this mobile phone is so powerful that software development in an age of artificial intelligence is in rapid development! Mentioned people first think of artificial intelligence estimate is Google baidu, but the understanding of the intelligent vehicle traveling data recorder industry generally know to dispatch. 2015 - great occupy more than 90% of the market, made a large number of electricity company! After years of sharpening and development, 2017 - great intelligent vehicle traveling data recorder more professional and more smooth than ever before. Research and development of multifunctional navigation route record software not only has the most commonly used travel required function, a key navigation, driving records, road line trajectory, and other functions also have a key navigation, automatic positioning starting location, input the destination address can be a key navigation, voice broadcast, live traffic, etc. Da - great (shenzhen) co. , LTD. Product safety product built-in professional level night-vision high-definition cameras, each smart driving record instrument at the same time satisfy the faithful record driving conditions and colorful life. Help you to easily record a fun journey scenery, and easily share to friends. Help you quickly when, at the time of the accident record, away from the happening of the racketeer. Software description: open, video recording automatically. Contextual model: vehicle model ( Support loop video) / portable model photography: video/photo/capture mode/violation to report, etc. Intelligent driving record instrument can automatically record all the things, circular storage in a way that you don't have to worry about your phone memory. Main features include: loop recording, can define the length and quality of video, voice can also be recorded into the video and user defined cycle recording storage card. Intelligent driving record instrument video preview: can view the camera image, real-time display the camera time, the state of SD card and camera, at the same time has a preview picture, preview background video switch state function, display the current camera WiFi name; SD camera card browsing, etc. These programs can be used as a vehicle traveling data recorder, driving recorder, car black box, on-board camera. Intelligent driving record meter allows you to video and photos on the road continuously. It will automatically record everything, but you can only keep important event record! Da - intelligent instrument through the Wi - driving record Fi hot connection or mobile phones, preview, playback video can not only directly on the phone, but also provide parking detection, accelerometer, remote monitoring. Da - intelligent driving record instrument simple easy to use. Love you, no longer a special configuration of expensive vehicle traveling data recorder.
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