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The intelligent voice touch car rearview mirror

by:Huihang     2020-04-12
Intelligent voice touch machine is an intelligent voice touch rear view mirror device, its main features are: 1, 2, view real-time playback recorded video hardware and empty play record 3, adjust the emergency video sensitivity 4, 5, emergency video list and adjust video rules download 6, app support simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese, English, Japanese four languages 7, a key binding qq, easily WeChat 8, sweet live traffic, avoid congestion 11, driving data collect 12 13, collision, vibration alarm push lock protection 14, personalized video traffic, music, FM broadcast, video, entertainment and other multimedia travel on the road, racketeer, tickets, get lost, how to break? Intelligent voice touch travel car rearview mirror will solve your trouble, navigation, path travel advance planning, easy to cure blindness, choose difficult disease; Vehicle traveling data recorder, remote picture. 。 。 。 。 。 Don't have to worry about racketeer party and bear children. Provide the location of the new and reliable services and car service: remote monitoring, capturing, WeChat pickup, fleet management, make an appointment to navigation, flow deposits, etc. Intelligent voice touch automotive rearview mirror can bind your smartphone device, such as qq, WeChat, etc. , recorded a wonderful journey, the road book key generation. Through the intelligent car machine, intelligent rearview mirror, HUD, such as carrier, by intelligent voice touch vehicle traveling data recorder based on the position of owner provide personalized road, music and entertainment to broadcast; Through intelligent voice touch vehicle traveling data recorder feature rich life inside the car, let a person's second largest private full social space more interesting, more functions and waiting for you. Photo capture, video capture, record a wonderful journey, to share a key, generate the road book. Intelligent voice touch automotive rearview mirror is a networking hardware control software for intelligent car and car service tool life. Realize intelligent connection between the cloud cloud rearview mirror and intelligent vehicle intelligent driving equipment, such as cloud recorder support driving video recording, editing, sharing, as well as to all cloud rearview mirror video and other files management. Try to use more simple and efficient way to help owners control the future car good life! Can voice snapped illegal photos or video, report illegal evidence intelligent voice touch automotive rearview mirror is based on the owner to install Internet car terminal 'intelligent voice touch rearview mirror', adopt 'the Internet of things + + Internet traffic management' service mode, set up the social civilization of traffic regulation management application platform. Owners by voice snapped illegal video, submit to the police processing, form a complete evidence chain. OBD vehicle self-checking system, understand the status of the car, to ensure driving safety intelligent voice touch vehicle traveling data recorder by connecting to the vehicle OBD interface, read to an overall inspection of vehicles, vehicle OBD information and interpret fault codes, vehicle status and use status be clear at a glance, let all the hidden danger threatens, make your travel more secure. Intelligent voice touch automotive rearview mirror installation is simple to use convenient binding USES intelligent cloud rearview mirror and don't need any product, installation can be used independently, installation method according to the instruction manual, very simple installation method. Interface, function, user experience design is fool operation, easy to understand, to minimize the operation process, is more suitable for driving. Da - intelligent voice touch automotive rearview mirror and by the way remind you in the driver's driving to pay attention to the following: in normal operation, each intersection to turn signal, the horn, need flash two to three times at night; Examination requirements route accurately as far as possible, don't jilt bend, do not snub, avoid sudden brake; When parking examiner a password, open the right turn signal, pull over to see the rearview mirror to slow down, reduce the speed of the car, first step on the clutch after the brakes, can't drag neutral taxiing, smooth parking; Parking after hanging a handbrake, pick out, open emergency light.
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