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The night vision function of vehicle traveling data recorder

by:Huihang     2020-05-05
According to the statistics, the average night driving time account for only a quarter of the driving time a day, but half of the traffic accident was happened in the evening. Driving at night due to the line of sight range and resolution will be much weaker than day, cause we greatly shorten the reaction time, the probability of accident will increase. And at night cause of fatigue, also is one of the important reasons for the accident. When driving at night, how to ensure their own safety? Speeding of avoid by all means, at night the road traffic flow is small, pedestrians and cyclists interference is relatively less, many people tend to high speed car driving, also may be speeding, often meet contingencies, skidded and cause an accident. In addition, night driving poor visibility, all within the scope of the headlamps can involve any light shape changes should be timely attention. Narrow beams can be pass, for example, shorter light may be a curve or a hill, light longer may be corner downhill, edge of light appeared gap may be bumpy or potholes. Especially pay attention to the night through pedestrians, especially many like to wear black or dark-colored clothes traveller, like no time bomb. So, for owners, safe driving, it is very important to see clearly at night. Night vision function of vehicle traveling data recorder for the driver to provide around 360 ° full perspective images, car body vision eliminate blind spots, for safe driving, parking and reversing provide strong guarantee. At the same time around the body condition, automatically no dead Angle video recording, all kinds of accidents that may occur at night, racketeer retain beneficial evidence. Super clear night vision function of vehicle traveling data recorder has four road cameras, recording hd cycle. Each camera has expanded the optical aperture, night can easily cope with the sudden situation. 1080 p star level night vision effect and 3 d high-resolution imaging, intelligent in addition to the noise, high photosensitive intelligent lighting technology makes the night shooting effect more super clear picture quality, for users to provide safe driving auxiliary driving at night. Whether night black on Ming or faint starlight, vehicle traveling data recorder can easily cope with night vision function. In addition to providing night vision function driving records, starlight night vision function, night vision function of vehicle traveling data recorder has 6 d auxiliary driving mode, which is that it can help the novice driver to solve common problems encountered in the process of car key. Backing storage model is a function of night vision vehicle traveling data recorder 6 d one auxiliary driving modes, back in the storage mode, the night vision function of vehicle traveling data recorder can provide 360 - degree panoramic bird's eye view no dead Angle and after reversing visual images, combined with visual unique true trajectory accurately technology, through the vehicle around 360 degrees hd environment images and follow-up line, can not only for the novice driver to see the vehicle surroundings, but also can know the movement trend of vehicles, thus effectively avoiding obstacles, greatly enhance the success rate of backing storage and safety. Night vision function of vehicle traveling data recorder has a strong ability to see in the dark, no matter day or night can provide vast owners with clear high-definition images, plus 6 d auxiliary driving mode, can be said to be a full-time safety auxiliary driving tool, can effectively eliminate traffic visual blind Angle and provide a wealth of practical auxiliary driving mode, is worth having safety products.
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