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The Russian Meteor on Video

by:Huihang     2020-06-22
Today, February, 15, 2013, we were all entertained your videos in the bus-sized meteor that touched down in Central Spain. This was a pretty scary situation, and if you viewed the videos, it is difficult to imagine how you should react in real-time, individual. It's clear that the world's sympathy takes it to those hundreds, if not thousands of affected the particular meteor's impair. But I think what we've all marveled at are many videos surfacing featuring the meteor's entrance into earth's atmosphere-many of which coming from dash-board cameras inside cars. Perusing YouTube for crazy videos, you'll eventually determine several Russian videos on Russian back alleys. Not to say there aren't an associated with other crazy videos business countries, it's just Russia has this capability to video record a larger percentage people acts. The reason is simply protection over the elements. In the United States, it can be hard to imagine the circumstances of other motorists business countries if you have never experienced it. Apparently, on Russian roads, money-making niches more in order to worry about than being a good driver and certain to avoid other motorist's mistakes. Over there are few years, installing videos camera upon car's dashboard has be a bit associated with fad, but for justified requirements. There are many elements at use Russian highway. Dangerous Roads In a rustic that features less than half everyone of the United States, Russians accidents resulted in 28,000 deaths (versus 32,000 in the U.S.). These accidents originate from extremely poor road conditions where new cars are beaten to death in as little as an a few a four years. Corrupt Police Sadly, one condition is not usually confessed by federal government is the widespread corruption by traffic police. The media and citizens of Russia treat this like the norm, realizing that a traffic cop's salary will primarily come from bribes. In-car cameras can prevent some of these issues since federal government will turn their head if no proof is made. Fights and Scams It's common for fights to surface on the roads with motorists brandishing weapons to attack cars and drivers. Additionally not uncommon for pedestrians to as well as get hit by cars on function. The latter scenario is actually definitely an insurance scam purposed for winning a settlement from a bit of. Countless videos on youtube feature failed attempts of the particular scam. Where fights, bribes, scams, and treacherous road conditions exist, proving your innocence becomes a property in Paris. Because of these scenarios, the Russian culture provides the world an possibility for witness a mesmerizing natural event because cameras are everywhere, recording everything.
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