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To dispatch the intelligent vehicle traveling data recorder

by:Huihang     2020-03-23
Now, people are increasingly demanding for the function of the car, the emergence of the intelligent vehicle traveling data recorder solved this difficult problem, it sets the vehicle traveling data recorder, navigation, reversing, parking control, electronic dog. Intelligent vehicle traveling data recorder already by the owners. Da weiye technology co. , LTD. Is engaged in auto electronic products to survive, the research and development, sales through-train enterprise, is a domestic automobile electronic led a, give you recommend below his house a da - intelligent vehicle traveling data recorder - — 等等 ETC first series models, it adopted the android 5. 1 OS, carrying qualcomm Xiao dragon eight core CPU, with 2 gb memory and 32 gb storage, car level gauge quality guarantee stable machine running smooth. Comments: of intelligent vehicle traveling data recorder is made of eight inches Gao Qingbing, resolution of 1024 x600. Random camera, after giving back support high-definition image features, dynamic reverse trajectory real-time display, enhanced the driving safety. ETC to support intelligent voice recognition function, easily awakened, voice radio, navigation, music, such as operation, hands free to enhance security. In terms of installation, all adopt not broken line nondestructive installation, need not worry vehicle warranty problem. DSP sound process, GPS + beidou double positioning with high intelligent machine built-in DSP sound process, provide the perfect quality, providing comfortable auditory enjoyment; In navigation, intelligent car machine support four dimensional figure, new gold two maps, the freedom to choose according to user's habits; Smart car machine support voice interaction function, 'hello' small card easily awakened, speech recognition rate is high, easy voice-activated navigation, and so, make a phone call, query the weather, and other functions. 4 getc intelligent vehicle traveling data recorder using IPS hd capacitance screen, show clear multi-touch support, a resolution of 1024 x600, according to different models screen size of 8 inches and 9 inches and 10. 1 inch 3 kinds. Four nuclear core - car machine pick up A7, CPU frequency up to 1. 2 GHZ, run up to 1 gb of memory, the machine has 16 gb of internal storage space, to ensure the rapid and stable operation of the vehicle traveling data recorder. Remote monitoring, parking cloud speed warning of the intelligent vehicle traveling data recorder has 7 inch hd widescreen, USES the German lens filter technology, with 6 piece of glass, F2. 0 aperture, F2. More 4 into brightness. Amblyopia environment keep better video quality, no matter the night during the day, can appear more clear more exquisite quality 1080 p. Dustproof and waterproof camera, double recorded before and after the 1080 p, all give you the most clear, high reduction of DWR wide dynamic image processing technology, no matter in sunny rain, offer more security assistance. Da YUNOS intelligent vehicle traveling data recorder adopts intelligent operating system, the entire intelligent voice interaction. Parking vehicle traveling data recorder, remote monitoring, Scott map + cloud electronic dog. WeChat by cloud services platform and mobile phone binding, dock in the vehicle collision, the smart car 4 g machine immediately grab images, real time back to your phone. Remote monitoring, parking can always grasp the dynamic around the car, make you more at ease. Ultra wide Angle 140 ° of intelligent reversing visual, let you more convenient traffic. Adopt GPS + beidou positioning, double speed increases by 24%, and never stopped. Video playback, optional comments: tire pressure monitoring of intelligent vehicle traveling data recorder this is short for on-board entertainment system, but with the development of technology, machine can network can realize the function many cloud. Can not only 4 g high speed Internet, realize the many online service, support the big dipper, GPS positioning, don't worry about the vehicle positioning are not allowed to cause the navigation problems. In addition to provide many matching accessories, machine a car with more features, optional support including vehicle traveling data recorder, 360 ° panoramic images, ADAS, driving assistant system and TPMS tire pressure monitoring system. ADAS safety auxiliary driving function of dispatch of intelligent vehicle traveling data recorder is equipped with 6 pieces of high quality full glass lens, with F1. 8 large aperture, 160 ° big wide Angle, support double recorded before and after, pre - 1080 p high 30 frames/S clear video recording, the rear camera support after reversing visual function, back to more easily take astern auxiliary line function. Also has the function of ADAS auxiliary driving safety, vehicle ahead starting reminds, vehicle collision warning and lane departure warning, let you drive safer. Comments: da - intelligent vehicle traveling data recorder in addition to the above configuration of hardware and software, also equipped with a variety of sensors, accelerometer and gyroscope, magnetic sensors, light sensors and gestures, can realize the collision locking, motion detecting, and automatic rate screen, and other functions. The intelligent vehicle traveling data recorder is used the gold custom version of the map, with GPS and beidou navigation and Glonass three modes. Can also talk to APP interconnected binding equipment, realize the parking location, WeChat, driving track and other remote function. It also USES the portable bundle, quick and convenient installation.
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