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Upgrade the intelligent vehicle traveling data recorder is online!

by:Huihang     2020-05-08
Upgrade the intelligent vehicle traveling data recorder is online! To upgrade version of the intelligent vehicle traveling data recorder is a multi-functional intelligent recorder, build free remote video surveillance security system. Real-time monitoring video USES strong encryption technology, P2P traffic safer! Can remote view around the vehicle, even remotely operated vehicle traveling data recorder. Upgrade to the intelligent vehicle traveling data recorder is a global safe driving artifact of tens of millions of users deeply trust. Upgrade to the most important function of the intelligent vehicle traveling data recorder: support 2 g / 3 g / 4 g and wireless network ( 无线网络) Global each other and support two-way radio, flashing light night vision, video capture, watch the recording, time recording, alarm recording, remote capture alarm video and stored in the cloud, alarm message delivery, email, video preview, mobile phone screen to watch at the same time, the more remote control data recorder, and other functions. Updated version of the intelligent vehicle traveling data recorder features: 1. The capture, the traffic law a key report uploaded to the platform, police across the country. Jointly maintain good road traffic environment, advocate civilized driving, parts can also win a traffic police incentive bonus; 2. Offline upload traffic, not me I don't show high definition video traffic cost mobile phones and can send willfulness. A key to share the video to the community, and other functions, circle of friends let video creative; 3. Upgrade version of the intelligent vehicle traveling data recorder video preview: can view the camera image, real-time display the camera time, the state of SD card and camera, at the same time has a preview picture, preview background video switch state function, display the current camera WiFi name; 4. Browse camera SD card can view camera SD Calvin, download the video and photos, remove SD Calvin, display thumbnail; 5. Phone documentation: view camera to download to a local file, share and delete local video and photos, local broadcast video and photos to view; 6. The parameters Settings: camera Settings ( WiF Settings. Loop video. Voice switch. 。 。 ) And time synchronization and SD card format and view camera firmware version and the version of the APP features. Updated version of the intelligent vehicle traveling data recorder and practical function: 1, the loop recording, can define the length and quality of video, voice can also be recorded into the video, 2, single section of the video recording time for 2 minutes, single period of about 200 m, 1080 p video 3, support the background, does not affect the normal use of other applications, 4, recording interface, according to the support of the residual capacity of battery status, disk 5, when recording app automatically saved into the background video, opened the app back videos, solve the switch to phone, minimize the app, the app scene may result in video leakage problems, such as 6, user defined storage card circulation recorded use of storage space, never full memory CARDS, 7, support for video playback, delete, share to social media, such as QQ network backup, also can be directly copied sd card video to the computer, 8. When recording disk space is insufficient, the remaining power 5%, automatically saved video, stop the video, and issue a warning, 9. Can be set up for restrictions on weekday designated reminds, 10. When the disk capacity is less than 500 m automatically delete the old file, implementation cycle video, 11. The latest real-time weather and air quality situation, 12. Recording interface, a key to set the screen brightness, can reduce the power consumption, but also are monitoring recording, 13. Can choose car model, as long as you have a spare phone, without having to click, automatically according to the vehicle state automatically start and photographing, 14. Compact concealment, silent recorder every picture, in the process of driving to driving in the traffic accident treatment and insurance claims in the process of real data, providing effective 15. Stable and reliable automatic making a fool of the intelligent vehicle traveling data recorder, video effect depends on the camera and monitor, no less than professional cameras to night video effect is very good, 16. Perfect video player and live function, 17. A new voice control, hands free, allows you to easily control at any time in road recorder. Upgrade version of the intelligent vehicle traveling data recorder meet important record video, collision will automatically lock to prevent cycle cover! Upgrade version of the intelligent vehicle traveling data recorder, it can automatically record all the things, circular storage way to let you don't have to worry about your recorder of memory, meet hit retain video automatically, can be defined to detect acceleration, the sensitivity of the more important collision will automatically lock is important to record video, prevent coverage!
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