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Vehicle intelligent rearview mirror

by:Huihang     2020-03-25
Vehicle intelligent rearview mirror with hardware supporting the use of vehicle traveling data recorder is a mobile phone management software, users can here to the adjustment and change of corresponding parameters, hardware can view driving the historical trajectory of favorite friends to arrive - experience! Automotive intelligent rearview mirror is introduced: the car intelligent rearview mirror can through WiFi connection intelligent vehicle traveling data recorder, control and set up the vehicle traveling data recorder device, view the current broadcast images of playback and download images and recorded video, images and video, and stored in the cloud platform and share to support social platform, etc. , to check the vehicle trajectory and itinerary, hardware firmware upgrade, and support. Smart cars have a guard dog, enjoy life. Vehicle intelligent rearview mirror is a safe driving service phone software, to provide users with timely and safe driving tips service, let you from the speeding from tickets. The main functions of the software is warning of safe driving, help you to effectively monitor driving records, give you the safest hints, also let your family trust, good led dsa bring you fashion, bring new senses, people having friends must! Vehicle intelligent rearview mirror function: 1. Lead - machine photos; According to the card has a capacity of 8 g can bring two map, 16 g can bring four map; 2. Also can be connected via bluetooth connection way and the radar, realize the flowing speed measuring radar warning; 3. Service to provide users with timely and safe driving tips, let you from the speeding from ticket; 4. Driving record: there will be a running mileage: the highest speed. The minimum speed and average speed. The time used. And so on; 5. Display the real-time speed. Driving direction. Electronic eye tip and the red light. Speeding tip. Fixed speed. Fuel consumption record. Mp3. As the flow speed depends on the bluetooth radar, if need to use the flow velocity function please to good brought the mall to buy bluetooth radar! Vehicle intelligent rearview mirror features: 1. For the recorder parameters change operation. 2. Vehicle traveling data recorder via WIFI connection hardware devices, this software not only can be done directly on the phone, preview video, video playback, download the video. 3. Was also able to journey in the video, photo happily share with net friend, bring you new experience. 4. Compatible with 5 vehicle intelligent rearview mirror, perfect. Wifi intelligent connection, without setting, can automatically connected 6. Driving video, video watching, natural safeguard 7 travel. Automatically take pictures, record the dribs and drabs 8 in your journey. Traffic travels, maps record your driving career. Multilingual speech there are real Chinese homonyms, and so on the many kinds of language broadcast; 10. Update mode diversification can manually update to website, new equipment can also automatically update; 11. Data nationwide data contains the provincial cities and counties across the country, has more than 800000 data, and constantly update; 12. Support for multiple platforms has released the WinCE platform, android, apple iOS ( iPhone/iPad) Version; 13. Leading market share exclusive DSA fixed speed measuring software, such as navione, four dimensional diagram of new map makers provide data; 14. Weekly update our collection team has for more than 2 million kilometers, more than 75 laps around the earth; Vehicle intelligent rearview mirror for users provide driving video, video watching, travel photos, personal travel notes, as well as the map navigation and so on function, necessary drivers are driving.
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