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Vehicle traveling data recorder chip package

by:Huihang     2020-03-29
Vehicle traveling data recorder HUD chip package car, the adoption of advanced optical imaging technology, the information of image generator on imaging at the front of a driver, to ensure that the driver can see the scenery outside and vehicle information at the same time, make the person can realize interaction and use to life. Vehicle traveling data recorder chip solution software: the vehicle traveling data recorder chip solutions is a practical tool for vehicle traveling data recorder, this software can and mobile Internet users, can be very convenient use cell phones to control equipment, adjustment, video, etc. , is a key operation. Vehicle traveling data recorder chip solution application: 1. Star light vehicle traveling data recorder support wifi connection vehicle traveling data recorder, no traffic. 2. Support for wireless video playback, download. 3. Support for vehicle traveling data recorder wireless Settings. 4. Support video capture share. 5. Added after the switch 6. Drive necessary to record your journey of all kinds of wonderful, infinitely video playback, download, wireless Settings, video capture share, shot after switching, etc. 7. Vehicle traveling data recorder chip solution used in the design of dispatch weiye technology co. , LTD. Of the intelligent vehicle traveling data recorder, sports DV products, with mobile phone Wifi Internet APP, realize the online playback, download file management, video preview, parameter control, etc. Vehicle traveling data recorder chip solution software features: without networking is concise and practical. Circulation records save mobile phone memory. Saves the current record at any time convenient to use. Support GuanBing recording, to save battery power. Video resolution, video quality and parameters can be set automatically save time, etc. Vehicle traveling data recorder chip solution on-board HUD is committed to research and development of the three core advantages: 1, the vehicle and the navigation information display right in front of the driver, the driver without bow to master the required information. 2, whether controlling navigation, answering phone calls, send and receive information, and play songs, all can by voice to interact with the device. 3, independent research and development of optical interference film imaging clearly and make sure highlight transparency, image under the strong light during the day is still clearly visible, night without external things. This product can through the voice ( Said command word) And touch screen control in one of two ways. Vehicle traveling data recorder chip package update log: add parking monitoring, users can set different sensitivity, optimization of interface, list of width, brightness adjustment function, increase the network optimization, the exit the APP is automatically disconnect device WIFI connection, users on the network are not affected. Want to record your journey of a difficult things? Think with the racquet moving beauty as a souvenir? Image is a record of your trip, and the application of sound! Vehicle traveling data recorder chip is a use of smart phones to record vehicle image and sound convenient software while driving, you can record the fun along the way, beautiful scenery, can also provide evidence for the traffic accident to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the driver. Like making friends, also can use it to record the process of conquer difficulties and obstacles.
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