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Vehicle traveling data recorder integrated control

by:Huihang     2020-03-28
Take the self-drive, home trip will encounter all sorts of traffic problems. Such as high-speed driving carefully by train; Making, overtaking limited vision is difficult to ensure safety; Service area green car, parking difficult astern difficult; A limit to the problem such as scratches, wide pavement serious may endanger the life property safety, not serious will also affect the mood to go home. So how to effectively prevent the occurrence of these problems? The best way is to have a 'rainy day'. Carefully check the vehicles before departure, especially focusing on the tyres, prevent high speed puncture. Good planning route ahead of time, to avoid the peak road congestion. When driving at high speed, vigilance, do not fatigue driving, not speeding, to obey the traffic rules. In addition, the safety is also indispensable safe driving auxiliary products. Let's take integrated control, vehicle traveling data recorder for car mount it, to help you get home safely. Vehicle traveling data recorder integration control functions: real-time map display, and can switch standard, satellite, combined three map display mode. Can be real-time display and record the information such as position, velocity, distance. Can be a 'map' and 'video preview' two-way switch. Support the infinite loop recording mode, each video recording can retain only the last 90 seconds. Support 'mute' mode. Support in the process of recording closed iPhone screen to save power. Support 'night' shooting mode, can open system built-in flash. Supports multiple video resolution: 640 * 480, 480 * 360, 320 * 240. '3 d' browsing interface. Support video playback and route. To support video export 'camera film'. Support 'WIFI' LAN video exported to PC. Support video are stored in the 'call'. Support background record location address updated automatically. To fully support Retina hd display. Vehicle traveling data recorder integrated control has four road 1080 p hd camera, no dead Angle monitor 360 - degree panoramic image, there is no visual blind spots. The starlight night vision function, can according to automatically adjust the light sensitivity, a night can be as clear as the day the nature. That for many long take the owners of home during the Spring Festival is undoubtedly the night driving talisman. Overtaking on the motorway, parking in the service area, meet the traffic conditions over the limit of width of pavement, etc. , integrated control vehicle traveling data recorder is there a way to deal with one by one. With 6 d safety auxiliary driving mode, including 3 d near field patterns, 3 d limit, limit stops cliff road, wide dock before, back into the Treasury, the side parking mode, combining the visual unique accurately the true trajectory predicting function, help the driver flexible driving process of emergency, is expected to traffic accidents that may occur, security escort home for Spring Festival. In addition, the travel condition is very complex, a vehicle traveling data recorder can record the situation of the road, very well when the scratches also recorded, traffic police do to the responsibility. Also beware of racketeer! These bad guys caught everyone eager home and don't want to too much trouble, want to cash in before Chinese New Year. A vehicle traveling data recorder integrated control, everything is in your hands, let the racketeer party cannot succeed. Out his homesickness, each part have such psychological, but safety is fundamental to return home. Accompany you home safely is not only the nostalgia, and give you a safety driving experience of vehicle traveling data recorder integrated control. What are you waiting for? Installed vehicle traveling data recorder integration control, bring them to right to go home.
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