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Vehicle traveling data recorder program window version online!

by:Huihang     2020-03-30
Vehicle traveling data recorder program window version online! More and more of the intelligent vehicle traveling data recorder appears after the car market, product quality is uneven, the function of the full of beautiful things in most practical enough, also with the function of the vehicle itself large areas of overlap, inconvenience, but increases the vehicle traveling data recorder run unstable factors. On the choice of such products to be rational, just try to choose function. 3 hd screen, double recorded before and after, navigation, voice acoustic control vehicle traveling data recorder scheme Essen in Germany from optical image stabilization, 18 million pixels, 175 degrees of fisheye wide-angle, stabilization, LLL night vision and movement as well as prevent glare, autofocus I a variety of industry leading technology, such as the license plate. Double lens before and after the dispatch of the intelligent vehicle traveling data recorder, video, with the screen at the same time. 360 degrees collision induction, the car was struck, rub or recorder will automatically lock and save the video automatically lock, will not be deleted, can be directly on the screen playback video. Program of vehicle traveling data recorder built-in GPS chip, can and the owner of the mobile phone WeChat binding. If the vehicle is stolen, the owner can immediately received WeChat early warning information, you can always check the vehicle position and route, precise tracking. Use the version of the map, updated automatically. Before and after the video at the same time, after open vehicle detection warning function, when into the car and 5 - When 10 meters range, can automatic voice prompt, prevent collision. Imported GPS module, accurately positioning about cars, if the vehicle tire cheap lane - — Driving or line pressing) Recorder will be broadcast to remind, to ensure safe driving. Speed, vehicle traveling data recorder all-in-one, global voice control now, smart rearview mirror become a must-have motorists. Intelligent vehicle traveling data recorder set navigation, driving records, speed warning of complex functions, such as small volume, but the function is very powerful. Many brands of smart car rearview mirror is also popular in the market, today, to introduce a best-selling brand - — Da - intelligent streaming rearview mirror. Vehicle traveling data recorder scheme of intelligent rearview mirror with 2. White 5 d surface mirror, quality of a material is solid, anti-dazzle at night. Compared with the traditional blue mirror, significantly enhance visual effect. Before and after the 1080 p hd dual lens, lens before 150 large wide-angle lens after 130 big wide, 6 bo night-vision lens combination, infrared filter filter imported full glass lens is equipped with IR. Filter out infrared light, isolation glare and real records hd pictures, bring high-definition effect of clear and pure. Using YUNOS intelligent control system compared with ordinary android, fast and stable, smooth. With 16 fuselage memory, more smooth, more stable operation not crashing. Vehicle traveling data recorder intelligent voice control for intelligent cloud mirror of the current high-end audio software, responsive and quick BuKa machine. The intelligent voice control, easy navigation, recorder, radio, music, such as WeChat voice control. Scott map unlimited online navigation, intelligent planning route, easy to avoid traffic jam. Cloud dog various entertainment functions such as speed, vehicle WeChat from soup to nuts. ADAS driving assistance systems, make your driving more security. 158 - degree wide Angle, quad-core processors vehicle traveling data recorder before and after the solution has hd recorder, large wide-angle front-facing camera 158 degrees, with rotatable design, let shoot without dead Angle; F1。 4 large aperture and ensure the dark environment of articulation; The fourth generation of HI - Ding-dong intelligent speech recognition system, listen to you command more intelligent; Had WeChat WeChat function, support, voice response, and other functions, people don't need to start work. I recommend you a smart rearview mirror - - - - - - - Ai cool X5000, brand is far peak technology co. , LTD. , over the years focused on navigation, video product development, survival and sales, believe ai cool X5000 also won't let us down. Vehicle traveling data recorder scheme with quad-core processors, 2 g memory operation, ensure the machine run smoothly; The 7. 84 inch touch screen resolution of 1280 x400; The built-in YunOS operating system, more fast and more stable; Using depth custom gold car mirror version of the map, road information in the first place to master; Also support the reverse, cloud electronic dog, parking guard, 4 g networks and wifi, etc. As car the constant innovation of science and technology, vehicle traveling data recorder plan more practical than ever function has become the standard. Navigation, for example, reversing camera, bluetooth phone, etc. , especially the car navigation people more accustomed to the use of mobile phones, so the function of the intelligent vehicle traveling data recorder is rich with the function of the car or the phone itself bring a repeat, utilization rate is very low.
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