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Vehicle traveling data recorder quotation scheme

by:Huihang     2021-03-19
Vehicle traveling data recorder quotation scheme for car driving on the way of image and sound including convenient navigation software, at the time of traffic accident can provide favorable evidence. Also can be Shared and friends party position, see the location of the friends in real time. 【 Vehicle traveling data recorder offer basic introduction 】 Vehicle traveling data recorder quotation scheme for a quite a professional vehicle traveling data recorder software integrated driving video, satellite positioning, path planning and track record, also support since images can be clear processing functions, and augmented reality ( AR) Application and a powerful overspeed warning system and can set the shaking ( The accident) Automatically allocated by your preset emergency phone number ( Also can be in time to cancel) , more to improve the critical strain when driving, without the Internet can be normal use, function more complete professional version with video combining GPS information is derived from the powerful features of the PC sync play! Drive in the process of vehicle traveling data recorder quotation scheme camera automatically, and can record the position and velocity. Route can be uploaded to the Internet, to show the world the unique experience of you once the traffic accident, also can play back video at that time, the traffic situation and the speed; The recorder quotation scheme which has the function of video recorder of train, can use the phone in the process of the vehicle, what's happening right in front of, the photo was taken with the global positioning system (GPS) record driving path, when a sudden accident can make friends driving to ensure their rights. Vehicle traveling data recorder offer professional edition to provide more powerful and professional functions. Provide professional edition 480 x320, 640 x480, 1280 x720, 1920 x1080 【 Vehicle traveling data recorder quotation scheme software function 】 1. Loop video space to 500 MB and 1 gb of option 2. Provide only one minute and 3 minutes video length option 3. No manual focus and 4 GSensor file locking function. Not to mention & amp; amp; amp; amp; # 65533; - - - - - - 酚晒婊阶R扩增实境5. Provide two paragraphs recorded film, the free version. 6 no loop video function. The free version only provides 352 x 288 and July 480 x 320 resolution. Use time limit' Vehicle traveling data recorder quotation scheme software features 】 1. Video can be set fixed focus, focus after a fixed focus, continuous automatic focus and manual focus 2. Circulating video 3 to save system space. Switch 4 different video resolution. Support the flash light and switch video before and after 5. When the accelerator detect shaking, the film, automatic storage accelerator sensitivity can also set up 6. In the shaking occurs lock file to avoid being covered, and can be set whether accelerator data 7 before and after storage for 3 seconds. Provide manually select you want to lock ( Or unlock) The video, not covered by video after eight. When the GSensor detect shaking ( The accident) When emergency dial the phone functions. For an emergency call to set the delay time 10. Overspeed warning function, you can be in setting up a constant speed limit remind 11 itself. Video map track 12 video files rewind and synchronization. Set the video when every video length 13 times. Enable or disable sound recording 14. When calling or program into the background, automatic storage video files ( Note 1) 15. Maps and video preview window switch 16. Support different maps, for example, standard, who, combination, and topographic map of 17. Through iTunes to remit video files ( The attached will also be called. The Log of vehicle GPS file export) 18. Store video files to the system of the album, you can send through Email, send short messages, or to Youtube, and exported video, can be shown along with information together with the embedded GPS 19. Any time can be playback of video capture static graph, in addition to combining the vehicle positioning information, and can adjust the brightness, contrast, saturation, and clarity the effect of 20. Storage process the static graph to the system after the album, for clipping, amplification, send short messages or email21. Automatic backlight adjustment and close the preview shows 22 to achieve power saving function. Map support free mode, lock mode, and patterns of 23 toward the direction. According to the current GPS location and error, convenient know why the positioning accuracy of 24. Support the path planning of 25. Via the address input or import mobile phone contact, or automatically obtain the current position to more easily use 26 path planning function. The use of augmented reality to show destination and the distance from the current position ( 120 - degree wide Angle) 27. Professional and friendly user interface, support the Retina display, 28. Click on the set every function of the text, displays the function of the corresponding 29. Recycled video, image batch file 30 90 seconds. Video can be locked files, avoid loop video covering 31. Optional SD card store image file size 32. Returns and voice alarm' Vehicle traveling data recorder quotation scheme update log 】 1. Support after version, when closing the recording options that can be shown at the same time the background music 2 video. Unique to optimize video camera optical shockproof calculus 3. Support video scaling 4. 5 application for code optimization. New video footage of the circular storage options (32 g For 64 g or higher) 6. Program into the front will be automatically stored video footage, returning from the background prospects will automatically start the video 7. Use this feature to link networks
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