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Vehicle traveling data recorder to solve the limit of wide road car networking problem!

by:Huihang     2020-03-26
In the majority of owners friends car life, must be more or less met width of the road. Under normal circumstances, in order to strengthen highway protection, prevent safety problems, and ensuring road safety and unobstructed, the traffic administrative department of the will in some special sections set wide limits; Sometimes in order to check the drunken driving, safety inspections and arrest the criminal suspect needed, the public security department will set up roadblocks of illness; Even on both sides of the road with the vehicle, in such roads also pay special attention to the problem of rationing. When meet pavement rationing, must slow down, avoid and barricades bruised, so as to safe passage. But sometimes, even if the drivers drive carefully, the limit of a also not easy security through wide road. Such as poor lighting conditions of the limit of wide roads at night, is more prone to accidents, this is mainly because the night was low visibility, plus the owner eye observation range is limited, difficult to fully understand the situation surrounding the vehicle. At this point if the car installed car networking vehicle traveling data recorder, road by limited width problems will be readily solved. Car networking vehicle traveling data recorder can easily cope with limit rationing problem such as wide roads at night, mainly because it has not only the high clear light night vision technology from SONY and da weiye unique accurate true track technology, but also has 6 d auxiliary driving mode. Mode of 3 d limited width, among them can vehicles left and right side elevation visual display in the form of pairs of 3 d view, avoid wide-angle view distortion is not intuitive, dizziness and other issues, and around the body as shown in picture also provides a safe distance from the reference line, so that even if the owners have limited wide road in the night, also can hold on both sides of the obstacles and body distance, and with the help of a safe distance from the reference line to adjust the distance between vehicles and around obstacles, thus safely and smoothly through the limit of wide road. In fact, in addition to the above 3 d rationing, car networking vehicle traveling data recorder has 3 d near-field pattern ( Back or turn left to the vehicle direction vision blind area to the vehicle on the screen) Dock, extreme way cliffs mode ( Dock cliffs at the right side of screen zoom in dock road of high-definition pictures) on one side of the cliff Dock, former mode ( Need to close up the obstacles ahead stops when the zoom in front in front of high-definition images and provide guides for judgment) Back, storage mode ( Zoom in reverse image when backing storage, and provide precise trajectory predictions really improve security) And lateral parking mode ( Side parking, display the image of backward or forward, and provide accurate in the two images are true trajectory predictions) , the six major auxiliary driving mode is designed for daily route problem, very practical, can significantly improve the driving safety, enhance the owners a sense of security and confidence. Cultivation for many years in the field of safety of achievements, has become the strength of the brand in the industry, and powerful talent dispatch of technical strength is great increase in road safety products and providing safety security services at the heart of the da - cause and the graduate school of tsinghua university in shenzhen optical detection center and other scientific research institutions established close technical cooperation relations, on road safety industry technology innovation achievements. If you want to have more safe and reliable driving assistance systems, car networking vehicle traveling data recorder is a trust yourself and your family peace of mind.
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