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Voice intelligent vehicle traveling data recorder

by:Huihang     2020-03-28
Voice intelligent vehicle traveling data recorder voice intelligent vehicle traveling data recorder is also called the driving recorder, car black box, on-board camera. Driving record instrument, let you can continuously video and take pictures during the journey. It will automatically record everything, but you can only keep important event record! Even while driving, as long as the point of touch screen you can choose to keep those records. 连接你的手机与远程易冲相机预览屏幕&生活 捕捉拍摄、浏览或下载的视频存储在dashcam,调整设置,也容易完成固件升级。 Voice intelligent vehicle traveling data recorder main functions: * continuous video, can define the length and quality of video, voice can also be recorded into the video * user defined storage card circulation recorded use of storage space, never filled with memory card * point under the touch screen can be retained in the journey of interesting * meet hit retain video automatically, road accidents can be defined to detect acceleration * according to the user defined frequency sensitivity and resolution of photos automatically, can be used for time-lapse photography * in the background to record video/photo, optional detected in other applications displayed on the button * seats automatic startup and shutdown, with options * video/photo with geography markup and timestamp * automatic search has been retained by video/photo address * on the map shows the location of the video/photo * on the video/image display speed, height, timestamp and GPS coordinates * video conversion, GPS information is * can change by adding to the video shot speed unit ( km/h, mph) And date format * can close satellite positioning, saves the electricity * screen brightness can be adjusted independently drive at night can be reduced with distracted * built-in file manager, video/photo browser * add the title/description/bookmarks to file * can be installed on the SD card - Illegal query, covering 300 + cities most check - in violation of regulations Take the initiative to remind, a touch namely da latest illegal information Stick a map and the surrounding illegal stick a point at a glance - Driving record, super free vehicle traveling data recorder voice intelligent vehicle traveling data recorder query had better use mobile phone to check illegal software, accurate synchronization across bureau data, 100% free to use. Lawless initiative to remind, so unique as ran a red light? Penalty or fine? Violation of latest information remind, the first time to understand the details of violation. Speech intelligence intelligent vehicle traveling data recorder super free speech vehicle traveling data recorder, record the daily route, help you increase the driving pleasure. The strongest parking artifact and illegal stick a say Byebye plastered? Instant 200 ocean didn't ~ oh NO! Tens of millions of users to map the city stick a, stick a nearby area, high post be clear at a glance, allowing you to save money, time and energy. , also can share with friends far away from the ticket! Cloud voice intelligent vehicle traveling data recorder other function introduction:) binding: all illegal data save, history of warning: always check) tops the list of new illegal violation points, some key weather warning) tail: daily weather, the city and private restrictions share friends remind) : good application pin points to share), yearly check remind: pin points to remind timely intelligence, personality background: yearly check remind) near the car - customize more cool theme) : fast locking gas stations, parking lots, cameras more car owners attention to) city: query more vehicles at the same time, cities illegally gesture data) take pictures: Driving time gently waved, capture the moment of Driving This app is cooperated with Driving recorder. 它是用来生活和回放视频记录器。 也可以同步驾驶记录仪数据包括视频、图像和全球定位系统(GPS)来显示在iPhone和分享图片社交平台。
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