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What are the features of intelligent rearview mirror?

by:Huihang     2020-04-21
What are the features of intelligent rearview mirror? The function of the intelligent rearview mirror super smart rearview mirror function of vehicle traveling data recorder, generally has the cool interface and very powerful. Intelligent rearview mirror main functions: 1, the video recording formats, support for high-definition video record. 2, by setting the maximum storage space, loop video. 3, the entire record includes GPS, direction, speed, mileage and other information. 4, video playback synchronous display map information such as position, velocity, altitude intelligent rearview mirror common features: 1. Supports multiple video recording format ( 1080 p, 720 p, 480 p) 2. Support according to set the maximum use of space, loop video 3. Can choose video footage the length of the intelligent rearview mirror special features: 1. When the video shooting, by GPS real-time record position, speed, altitude information such as 2. Intelligent segment classification function, video footage will automatically categorized into a journey of 3. Powerful video viewing, video back at a party, can real-time display on the map the location of the at that time in order to better embody the product performance, the test is divided into two parts of the static and dynamic experience. Static experience mainly including product interaction experience, the key will be fastidious whether products will be more difficult to use bug, humanized design, whether there will be a crash phenomenon such as card machine. Dynamic experience is to experience a few bright spots in the actual driving function, whether function set is practical and humanization. Low intelligent vehicle traveling data recorder function after summarizing experience the intelligent vehicle traveling data recorder, the offline speech, and night vision function to the small make up deep impression, in the absence of network using voice function are still quite fluent, is solves the users of a big pain points. And night vision capabilities, is arguably more surprise, in the dark lane, almost all the intelligent vehicle traveling data recorder, incredibly still can restore cars is far better than the same period, we compared the ordinary vehicle traveling data recorder is too much. , of course, can also repeatedly plus for ADAS night vision function, improves the ADAS in rain days and night. Function good, however, means that the product cost is not too low, nearly 5000 yuan price although not very friendly, but up to dispatch weiye 'real' brand personality is hugely popular in high-end market. Personally, can truly reductive all-weather road conditions, and the trajectory and the speed of the recording products, is a truly qualified vehicle traveling data recorder, in this regard the intelligent vehicle traveling data recorder is done.
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