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What are the intelligent vehicle traveling data recorder function

by:Huihang     2020-04-15
Intelligent vehicle traveling data recorder can shoot on-board short video, it can be a key to capture footage now a thing of the past, a key to share WeChat, weibo, QQ, it is mainly used for exposure uncivilized driving behavior and snap road incidents. The intelligent vehicle traveling data recorder can wirelessly linkage operation: control start/stop video, pictures, set parameters, see the video playback, pictures, etc. , wireless download the video images. 1, the main interface: can view the current real-time image display of vehicle traveling data recorder, control the video and take photos; 2, equipment file pages: the video files to a list of equipment form, click to play video files, long after the multiple-choice, delete, or can be downloaded to mobile phones; 3, local file page: will have taken pictures and have downloaded to mobile video show in the form of file list, click to view pictures or broadcast video, after long press can be carried out after a multiple-choice and delete files; 4, Settings page: we can adjust the white balance, exposure of vehicle traveling data recorder, code flow parameters, such as, display the current hardware and the app version number, can also set the vehicle traveling data recorder hot associated Settings. Of intelligent vehicle traveling data recorder function characteristics: 1. Support capture trigger moments in the first 10 seconds of short video 2. Support automatic marking short video shooting time and geographical position 3. Support gesture capture 4 lock screen condition. Supports sharing to QQ, QQ space, WeChat, WeChat circle of friends, weibo 5. Supports screenshots, to enlarge view video details. 6. People focus on capturing the incident on the road, can not only improve the driving safety, more can be sent boring time on the way. 7. Can so easily expose those not civilization driving behavior, you would feel relieved and addiction, can effective prevention and treatment of road rage. 8. Can be the first time will share to WeChat emergency short video, microblogging, and QQ, ordinary people also organic headlines at the meeting. 9. Road to subscribe to - Often run on the road, is not a traffic jam, private ordering your focus on the road and commuter traffic; Traffic m - straight Real-time high-definition video (road Temporary support only hangzhou) ; Driving record - Mobile phone can also when the vehicle traveling data recorder, and the traffic intelligent broadcast. 10. Violation of the query - Real-time query, active remind ( Illegal processing opens) ; 11. Look for parking space - Can't find a parking lot? Try to find parking Spaces, all remaining parking know; 12. The real-time navigation - A key to real-time route planning, fast travel. 13. Advantages: real-time traffic data covering the 300 + cities in China. Real-time parking lot data covering the 300 + cities in China. Cover the country's 300 + illegal direct query of the city. 14. Connected to the vehicle traveling data recorder wifi, implement WeChat mobile phone qq to view, download, share photos and video of vehicle traveling data recorder. Mobile phone WeChat qq can choose to download photos, capture video;> The longest choose interception for 5 minutes. 15. The intelligent vehicle traveling data recorder also provides the function of the vehicle traveling data recorder, such as video and broadcast video. Intelligent rearview mirror is a providing security for the car and the car collision remind of the intelligent vehicle traveling data recorder. When you are on urban expressway, driving on country roads, forward this application can help you security; Particularly suitable for long-distance travel on the highway, unaccompanied cases, driving a car. Before you drive, please place the chuck bracket at the top of the front windscreen of vehicle is central, and rearview mirror at the same height. Will be installed in the application of smart phone fixed on the bracket, and vertical slightly lean forward sideways straight and level. In driving process, you open car security guards, to ensure that the vehicles ahead of image display in the middle of the screen, there is no horizontal or vertical blisters. This application will identify your vehicle in front of the vehicle, when the vehicle within 5 meters in front of the distance, a warning prompt; When the distance within 1 meter in front of the car, the alarm prompt.
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