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YunOS intelligent rearview mirror, old driver essential artifact

by:Huihang     2020-05-14
YunOS intelligent rearview mirror, the old driver essential artifact recently received a YunOS intelligent rearview mirror full-screen intelligent rearview mirror, carrying the YunOS intelligent operating system, a true sense of the Internet + smart rearview mirror, have a voice intelligent interactive systems and active safety driving system and other features. It actually is the far side V690S upgrade, which is far 2, improved ease of use, the built-in traffic card, upgrade points is numerous, slowly in the process of experiences to share. In the era of experience domestic car machine, such a good smart rearview mirror is definitely worth highly recommended. Don't put the smart rearview mirror, also claim to be 'old' driver? Three core functions highlight dye-in-the-wood car electronic intelligent makes a simple rearview mirror can also become very powerful, already no longer is the original single function. Smart rearview mirror function in recent years, more and more rich, such as joining the navigation, entertainment, driving records, and so on, as if is a small screen machine. While YunOS intelligent rearview mirror in addition to these basic functions, also armed three core functions: offline voice, ADAS active safety driving assist, starlight night vision. A, offline voice acoustic without networking voice voice control function for the owner is a very convenient feature, because in the road to avoid attention dispersion and metastasis, which can lead to dangerous which YunOS intelligent rearview mirror of intelligent voice function USES a hkust xunfei global voice voice control, offline voice at the same time, to get rid of the dependence for network. Through the intelligent voice can operate on different function, and voice recognition degree is high, also do as drivers need is such a clear smooth and efficient voice function. Second, ADAS function very safe YunOS intelligent rearview mirror the ADAS advanced auxiliary driving system, contains the active safety technology is very much, in addition to being able to help the driver when in an emergency, the same, also can give the driver in the daily security warnings. Want to know some general only on advanced vehicle active safety system would have, but YunOS in addition to the function of intelligent rearview mirror with collision warning function, at the same time also with lane departure warning. In the process of actual experience is very accurate. These active safety functions in the practical day-to-day driving have very big effect, can avoid the driver in the case of concentration risk, reduce the risk of accidents. Three, powerful night night vision function also is one of the highlight the core of the smart rearview mirror, it can be in the dark night guard a pass for you, let owner safer driving on the road. To know the probability of traffic accident at night than during the day, so a good vehicle traveling data recorder is not simply the only work during the day, but more needs to be at night. YunOS intelligent rearview mirror camera at night to much stronger than the vehicle traveling data recorder is obvious, in the absence of the light environment will also be able to clear shot to the vehicle in front of the picture, this is mainly because YunOS intelligent rearview mirror camera USES the Russian military near infrared technology, allows the rider to driving at night or weak light will get higher foresee ability, it can be for potential risk to provide more comprehensive and accurate information to the driver or early warnings. Multiple filter color image imaging technology, improve the quality of imaging night-vision image, is beneficial to the human eye visual perception of the scene and target recognition. Four, delicate small functions in addition to the function of the three major bright spot, the YunOS intelligent rearview mirror and a number of other more humanized design, details of the engineering designers everywhere humanistic feelings.
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